It’s Been Real Followers!

Part 1

One thing for sure is, having to present your personal brand online can be extremely challenging but heavily influenced by your online occurrence. I’ve come to conclusion, how you present yourself and how you interact with others in person is also crucial. It’s tremendously imperative to make your first impression a positive and remembering one! When it comes to branding yourself appropriately, be truthful, stay efficient and stay consistent. If you stick with these few simple txt book morals, then building a successful brand shouldn’t be problematic!

Part 2

For the most part this was one class that I actually got to “learn” everything we were doing. All the hands on assignments gave me the interest and attention I needed to manage this class. I feel the assignments were set up for “YOU” to actually do the work, not your moms brothers sister lol.

One area that I would have liked to spend a little more time was the RSS Feeds. This was completely a new topic for me so I spent more time researching the assignment then actually doing so. I must say after doing the RSS Feed, my overall knowledge and interest was extremely better then before! 

Part 3

The two media platforms that will be sticking around in my life will definitely be Facebook and Google +. The main reason for this is their improvement and popularity is at an all-time high right now. Both these networking monsters have users joining by the second. In my opinion, these are two platforms that will stick around for some time to come!

My use for the two platforms can vary depending on what my mission is and who is my audience. Facebook is more of a personal networking tool for me. After I finish school, I actually plan on creating another page to start building that professional image from the ground up, but with experience this time. Clearly, Google+ is not a social network to be forgotten or summarily dismissed as “just another social network.” It’s a powerful algorithmic factor and considered more then just a site for networking.

“”See Ya Later Gator””  #GoMizzo


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