Exclusive Personal Branding

#1) http://bleacherreport.com

This blog has been one of the best-formatted blogs I’ve come across since being in this class. The information is extremely relevant and easily accessible. I played one year of college sports and I must say my coaches pushed me to be the best you can be. If your not wanting to apply your all, then why even try?

#2) http://www.theverge.com

The Verge blogging group does an remarkable job of bringing variety to the table. Letting people feel like there involved and having a choice can speak volumes in the blogging atmosphere. Not only do I feel the need to cherish my audience, but I also want them to be involved as much as the creator.

#3) http://espn.go.com/college-sports/blog/_/name/college_sport

This is a blog about a St. Louis wrestler that came from very little but made the best out of it. Anytime I need motivation or a little inspiration ill come back and read this blog. I know wrestling can be a sport of its own. Trust me, I know about all the hard work like cutting weight, extra hours in the gym, and the worse part not getting to eat your favorite food. This is commitment and dedication that I try to relate some of my own real life situations to.

#4) http://www.jongordon.com/blog/the-no-complaining-rule-3/

Honestly, would you rather be a leader or a follower? I know this question is easy for me, but for some people they may think a little differently about this question. One thing my dad taught us boys was to lead not follow. Some people are happy with following in behind others but there still has to be your leaders out there. Leadership is one of the most important personal branding factors for me personally.

#5) http://domino.com/24-best-design-blogs-2015/story-image/all

This last one my girlfriend convinced me to put this one on here but there is still resemblance in my personal branding and the blog. This blog shows a prodigious amount of creativity and alertness. Being able to engage with your target audience right off the bat is extremely crucial.



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