Hello everyone! My name is Sheldon Turek and I must say this blogging THING is starting to become somewhat fun to me. I’m currently a senior at Columbia College and plan on graduating this spring with a bachelor in Sports Management. This class has been extremely beneficial for me simply because of the way sports have developed over the years. Digital media and professional sports go hand in hand and continue to mold together. Technology has become an enormous marketing tool and has changed the way we can approach and keep up with our favorite teams or even bloggers.

I feel my manifestation here in the world will one day talk for itself. I’m a huge risk taker and live life as it comes along. I’m a leader not a follower and will always strive to accomplish my goals no matter what the circumstances are. I like to push people and be involved with individuals they are able to give it right back.

I’m excited to finish my degree and see what my field has to offer. I would love to get involved with a professional organization and see how my professional skills could be an asset to there company. My dream job would be landing a job within the St. Louis Cardinals Organization. How awesome would it be if I were able to become Adam Wainwright’s sports agent?



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