It’s Been Real Followers!

Part 1

One thing for sure is, having to present your personal brand online can be extremely challenging but heavily influenced by your online occurrence. I’ve come to conclusion, how you present yourself and how you interact with others in person is also crucial. It’s tremendously imperative to make your first impression a positive and remembering one! When it comes to branding yourself appropriately, be truthful, stay efficient and stay consistent. If you stick with these few simple txt book morals, then building a successful brand shouldn’t be problematic!

Part 2

For the most part this was one class that I actually got to “learn” everything we were doing. All the hands on assignments gave me the interest and attention I needed to manage this class. I feel the assignments were set up for “YOU” to actually do the work, not your moms brothers sister lol.

One area that I would have liked to spend a little more time was the RSS Feeds. This was completely a new topic for me so I spent more time researching the assignment then actually doing so. I must say after doing the RSS Feed, my overall knowledge and interest was extremely better then before! 

Part 3

The two media platforms that will be sticking around in my life will definitely be Facebook and Google +. The main reason for this is their improvement and popularity is at an all-time high right now. Both these networking monsters have users joining by the second. In my opinion, these are two platforms that will stick around for some time to come!

My use for the two platforms can vary depending on what my mission is and who is my audience. Facebook is more of a personal networking tool for me. After I finish school, I actually plan on creating another page to start building that professional image from the ground up, but with experience this time. Clearly, Google+ is not a social network to be forgotten or summarily dismissed as “just another social network.” It’s a powerful algorithmic factor and considered more then just a site for networking.

“”See Ya Later Gator””  #GoMizzo


Trust your gut! You know yourself, so don’t let somebody else tell you who you are!

Knowing yourself and having a good idea of what you can bring to the table gives a huge advantage to individuals trying to discover there brand strategy. Social media is starting to become a frequent method in finding candidates for employment all around the world. Honestly, you’re only hurting yourself if you don’t have a professional profile to present to others, #Networking!

With my current situation I would be a complete idiot not to take advantage of all these FREE social networking tools. With graduation right around the corner I know that my networking is more valued now then ever before. I’ve built my strategy around the principals of being a leader and showing others that hard work will always pay off. When developing my online brand I really tried to focus my attention on areas that I specialized, things that distinguished myself from others, and persuasively convey the value you bring and have brought to past employers.

A few important groups that I would like for you all to recognize is the leadership and technology group on LinkedIn. This crowd does an awesome job of describing the way technology is developing along with how to manage and lead with it. Another group that was more of interest, was the cardinal nation unit. Most members were big cardinal fans but everyone knew there purpose and knew it was a great place to network and meet people in the sports world.


!!!Redbird Nation!!!

Being a Sports Management major I must say the one thing iv leaned is networking is extremely important in the sports world. The one blog/vlog i decided to do was the rebirds rants fans. This is an extremely detailed blog with accessible vlogs all over the site! It has everything on there from video highlights, schedules, stories, and a tab to keep up with your favorite players social life.

This is an ideal platform for me simply because its got everything in one and its extremely easy to access. Individuals can get a quick impression just by the flow of your site.


Exclusive Personal Branding


This blog has been one of the best-formatted blogs I’ve come across since being in this class. The information is extremely relevant and easily accessible. I played one year of college sports and I must say my coaches pushed me to be the best you can be. If your not wanting to apply your all, then why even try?


The Verge blogging group does an remarkable job of bringing variety to the table. Letting people feel like there involved and having a choice can speak volumes in the blogging atmosphere. Not only do I feel the need to cherish my audience, but I also want them to be involved as much as the creator.


This is a blog about a St. Louis wrestler that came from very little but made the best out of it. Anytime I need motivation or a little inspiration ill come back and read this blog. I know wrestling can be a sport of its own. Trust me, I know about all the hard work like cutting weight, extra hours in the gym, and the worse part not getting to eat your favorite food. This is commitment and dedication that I try to relate some of my own real life situations to.


Honestly, would you rather be a leader or a follower? I know this question is easy for me, but for some people they may think a little differently about this question. One thing my dad taught us boys was to lead not follow. Some people are happy with following in behind others but there still has to be your leaders out there. Leadership is one of the most important personal branding factors for me personally.


This last one my girlfriend convinced me to put this one on here but there is still resemblance in my personal branding and the blog. This blog shows a prodigious amount of creativity and alertness. Being able to engage with your target audience right off the bat is extremely crucial.



Hello everyone! My name is Sheldon Turek and I must say this blogging THING is starting to become somewhat fun to me. I’m currently a senior at Columbia College and plan on graduating this spring with a bachelor in Sports Management. This class has been extremely beneficial for me simply because of the way sports have developed over the years. Digital media and professional sports go hand in hand and continue to mold together. Technology has become an enormous marketing tool and has changed the way we can approach and keep up with our favorite teams or even bloggers.

I feel my manifestation here in the world will one day talk for itself. I’m a huge risk taker and live life as it comes along. I’m a leader not a follower and will always strive to accomplish my goals no matter what the circumstances are. I like to push people and be involved with individuals they are able to give it right back.

I’m excited to finish my degree and see what my field has to offer. I would love to get involved with a professional organization and see how my professional skills could be an asset to there company. My dream job would be landing a job within the St. Louis Cardinals Organization. How awesome would it be if I were able to become Adam Wainwright’s sports agent?


The one & only Sheldon Turek!

Hello everyone out there in this tremendous thing I like to call the blogging world! My name is Sheldon Turek and I must start off by saying the St. Louis Cardinals are the best team in baseball hands down. I’ve been a fan way before they became one of the best organizations in the MLB. I also must add in that the K.C. Royals are also a good ball club BUT still have a lot of catching up to do. All my life I’ve lived, breathe, and valued sports and have grown familiar with sporting like no other.

With all that being said, my degree shows my interest and what I plan on doing with my career. This coming up spring if everything goes well I will be finished with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Sports Management! With this degree I plan on being a sports agent for a larger corporation, hopefully the Cardinals in the near future!

I’m really looking forward to adding another marketing tool to my book along with getting to know all my classmates on a different level. I hope everyone the best of their blogging and let the fun began!  Featured image